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In the summer

In the summer Newport Short Cigareetes, a vibrant season, her arrival for the world, this time brings people a colorful memory, she brings growth to the plants, she brings life to the animals, she brings all things to people The customs, the known tweets, the small rivers, the willows, the coupling blooms, the flowers bloom, the bees and butterflies dance in the flowers, stage a romantic love, the children play in the river, the riverside campfire invites Young and young, the workers who sweat under the scorching sun paint the blueprint for the future of the world. On the way home, I saw an advertisement. The last two sentences are quite good: loyalty is like me, I am, I am still... indeed, one year's time, like snowflakes, but a daylight scene Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, it is already cold. In the winter, the smell of exudation is filled with confusion and incomprehensibility - so far, the red dress is also good, the purple dress is also good, you and I are so good... I have been searching hard Newport Cigs Cheap, you are not ignorant, crazy I am demon, lost my soul, everything related to you, I can't, urgently, to understand, to analyze, to dissect, I am not enough to be arrogant, I am not enough to pour the country, I am not enough to move, fall Generous, just don't want to, see you in three years, you are not you from afar, I am still me, close to you, you are still you, I am still you Marlboro 100'S Carton. Those who know how to lose will know how to cherish. So, with you, with children, with family, yes Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping, what is happiness, but it is enough. On that day, I went to see the snow together and said that the cherry blossoms of Mount Fuji are like snow, but in my eyes, the snow scene here is also cherry blossoms, because you are, suddenly, the sky picks up you and me, as if every age is sing and beautiful and tragic behind, There is always its figure, miserable and miserable, is not the real crying in the body and mind fatigue, you are gone, I want to go, disappeared in front of me, as I disappeared for three years, what is your dream Finish, or I am accompanying you in a dream, we are always together, it is a person, it is a soul, it doesn't matter, isn't it? It is said that if there is an afterlife, I will promise you a blizzard, and we are a natural person in this life, is it good? I have been questioned in the dark and secretly, and I have known that I have been calm and sincere. You once asked me: What is the style of youth? _? I replied: enjoy the process of youth; I remember that you have a dream of a pearl, a dream of the red building, I do not know how long it will take to achieve, not far away, do not give up; someone comes to you It is to give you something. You taught me to live, to be cheerful, to turn pessimism into motivation, to be a fire of hope, like a moth, to smash it, to destroy it, not why, just to ask for youth. Style. It is said that the sunset is infinitely good, just near dusk. In the past, there may be no hesitation in the sadness. I am determined to be resolute, because I only see the eyes, slowly, and there are more people watching the dusk with you, you will understand, When you lose some people, there will be some people standing up, repeating, repeating, and the same will always be the original moment. The frozen will always be the one you and me. Now, I am, I am still, loyal as me. ...... Gradually we have changed, we disappear, we forget... The rivers and lakes are not lacking in love and enmity, lacking you and me...




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