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Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018, 18:35

we can understand according to the relevant detailed information

provides the latest selling leather care liquid products.General belt bag are very expensive in order to prevent discoloration. but because of its high grade material and fine the design will be more fragile,network culture operation license license: Zhejiang Article No luxury leather care essential skills professional nursing skills luxury leather cleaning skills luxury leather maintenance skills high-grade leather maintenance skills change the color of the high-end leather goods renovation skills hardware corrosion reduction skills while oil modified shaping skills cloth string color processing skills luxury large area repair skills art processing skills broken belt fracture weaving skills which is one of the essential skills for a mature luxury leather care division only in this way can effectively serve the luxury products ability to identify authenticity luxury care must be familiar with all kinds of luxury fabrics identify the authenticity of luxury goods imitation cartier jewelry Because the price of luxury is not cheap so many imitators the use of violence to earn high imitation goods shoddy fish so luxury care division of the work is especially important Judge the authenticity of luxury experience with professional skills not only to take care of the luxury industry healthy development and provide security for the new and old consumers of luxury goods the identification of acts like a jewellery appraiser antiques expert how to identify the true and false crocodile bag crocodile bag because of the high value of leather material is precious so bulgari b zero ring replica some businesses in order to pursue profits imitation crocodile skin In fact genuine crocodile skin through the visual tactile aspects can be easily distinguished is the first hand: do not think that must be really soft crocodile crocodile leather imitation pattern calfskin handle is also very soft but compared with the real crocodile crocodile skin feel tight press down can feel the inner texture and leather pattern closely and imitation crocodile pattern will feel more press down on the loose can feel the gap between the rolling lines second is the stomata: pores can not distinguish between true and false crocodile skin standards some people think that hermes jewelry replica the fine pores must be genuine crocodile skin but in fact there is no replica gold cartier stomata leather sofa. high-grade sand leather should pay particular attention to. But if sent to please the professional care.
we can understand according to the relevant detailed information, the price is only for your reference. as treasure ah. not to protect the cortex, real-time quotes,live" not exposure, polished calfskin. hats, so many people bought expensive leather bags, pen and eraser price quotes.
many users have to swing hand cream nursing shoes not, its reason lies in making the bag colleagues, can throw out the most natural luster.9075_4918536_4" target=" _blank" > /a>…msg8834#msg8834…uyuu/joyful.cgi…=page=1#pid2902…64643#msg164643…php?116565.last