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Like school exams and work deadlines, gift-giving occasions keep on coming -- inevitably and way too often. And those great gift ideas remain as elusive as ever. So what's a person to do? My answer was always to get a big pot of coffee and pull an all-nighter. Umm, I mean, I'd wait until the last minute and then shop until the stores shut. Sure, I'd manage to come up with a few decent gift ideas and some passable gifts. But it's no way to live. And I always knew I could have done better. I knew items had to modify. I knew I had formed to uncover the secrets possessed by the expert gift-givers... You know the type. They're the people who smugly announce that they've been done with their Holiday shopping for weeks, when you haven't even started yours -- much less given it any serious thought. They're never at a loss for great gift ideas and they can produce the perfect greeting card at a moment's see.
The fort is open for viewing; inside is a museum narrating the history from the fort as well as occupants. The canons used to keep attackers at bay still proudly stand facing the sea. Travelling alongside the Kenyan coast, there are countless other reminders from the cultures that once ruled the entire coastline. A must-see is the ruins of Gedi, an Arab-African settlement built in the 14th Century. There are many such ruins on the North coast of Kenya, completely into modern day Somalia, but Gedi is one of the very few that have been maintained as a public historical site open for viewing. The town offers fascinated archaeologists since its discovery. Gedi seemed to have been a wealthy, thriving town, given the precious artefacts that were dug up including Ming China porcelain and countless other objects indicating Gedi's wealth. However , there is no genuine historical record of Gedi, which makes the location all the more unusual.
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