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Mittwoch, 28. November 2018, 02:33

In a forest full of lush trees, o

In a forest full of lush trees, one of them is me. The forests are different all year round: in spring, small animals come out to play; in summer, the little animals are sheltering from the heat under my dense foliage; in autumn, the animals pick me up; in winter, my leaves fall. Light, the little animals have returned to their "home."ing came to the spring breeze blowing my leaves, and gradually, I woke up, I stretched out and felt the warmth brought by the spring breeze sister. At this time, I noticed the ice on the creek Cigarette Kinds. I said, "Hey, spring is here, you should melt!" It looked at me and didn't talk. At this time, the spring breeze blows on the creek, ice. It melted. It said: "I will be back in the winter!" The words melted. The grass poked its head out of the ground; the little bug crawled up and down the ground; the bird flew back from the south and flew freely in the sky; the little animals walked around the forest Carton Of Cigarettes Newport. The forest has returned to the usual happy atmosphere. Everything in the world has recovered, and it is so colorful. I felt the vitality of the forest, and I felt the vitality of spring. I also felt the vitality of everything in the world blink of an eye, the summer is coming, the sun is getting stronger, but I am also growing day by day, so there are many small animals to take a summer under my dense foliage, and some small animals hold a leaf without stopping. The ground is in the fan; some small animals sit on my lap and keep saying: "Hot died, it is really hot!"; and some small animals climbed onto my branches. Even knowing and crying, as if to say: "It's really hot, really hot!" Although I help the little animals to block the sun, I am very hot, but as long as the animals are not hot, I will not be hot! Moreover, I also feel the happiness of helping others!utumn wind is rustling, the autumn is high, and the autumn is coming again. I grew up with huge apples. They are red like fireballs, round like the sun, and they all bend me over. At this time, there are many small animals carrying baskets to pick the fruits of me Cartons Of Newports. I am also very happy when I look at the sweet smiles they pick, because I have contributed to the animals and reflected the value of my existence. So I am happy. They took a basket of fruit and returned home with full satisfaction and satisfaction. At this moment, I suddenly felt a cool autumn breeze. At the same time, I also blown off my two yellow leaves. I held it in my hand and fined the delicate texture. I saw the mystery of life contained in it. On the way to the dirt, I joined this short and meaningful ceremony. At the same time, it started to rain, ticking, ticking Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price, ticking twinkling of an eye, it is winter. Ice and snow, heavy rain, like a thousand knights screaming in the sky, and like a thousand drunken people making people in the clouds, all the animals without places to shelter from the rain come to my tree to shelter from the rain, although my leaves There are still few left, but for the animals, I still open a giant umbrella. The rain stopped and everyone returned home. The abominable ice came out again and covered the creek. The ice smiled at me smugly. I looked at him with dissatisfied eyes and said, " You will melt in the spring of next year!" Ice ignored me, just stayed quietly on the creek, but I believe that if there is hope, it will achieve the goal! Thinking about it, I fell asleep happily, I believe that next year will be as happy as this happy for the vitality of nature; in the summer Cheap Smokes Free Shipping, I feel happy to help the little animals to escape the summer; in the fall, I am happy to reflect my own value; in the winter, I am hopeful and happy for myself! So what is your happiness?


Freitag, 30. November 2018, 20:02

keep the air flow.
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Freitag, 30. November 2018, 21:28

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Freitag, 30. November 2018, 22:49

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Freitag, 30. November 2018, 22:51 speed.

But if you can protect it to some extent full, speed.
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