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Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2018, 07:32

t is a beautiful essay,

t is a beautiful essay, the rhythm of the flowing water, the rhythm of the flat and the singularity of the singularity. a one-page unique scene, the blossoming rapeseed, the dandelion flying all over the sky, the reward of the triumphant, lingering is a jewel of jewels, crystal clear, Ruiguang, and play with it, like a dream! is only eight high, learning rich five cars, full of economy, Bo Gutong today, reading the product, indulge in it is the book! the book, I sighed Lin Biaoyu's sorrow of "the beginning of the spring, the red and the old, the flowers and the dead, the two don't know"; the experience of Xue Baozhen "the light is very bright, the more beautiful, the snow is no trace" Qingwen "has a rare month, the clouds are easy to disperse, the heart is higher than the sky, and the body is a squat".e book, I sighed Zhou Yu, "The sky has been born public, why the world must be out of the hole," the helplessness, and convinced Zhuge Liang "three divisions according to the plan, the ancient cloud and a feather", the heroic wisdom, respected Guan Yunchang "Taoyuan, a brother and brother, the bean and the emperor and the king" is the thin and thin sky. Of course, I prefer Sun Wukong's sly sly, Cinderella's beautiful kindness, Snow White's gentleness, Ma Xiaoyue's naughty naughty, Peter Pan's wit and bravery, Holmes's resourcefulness and so on. A vivid and vivid image, a beautiful and moving story accompanied me through a happy childhood, full of laughter and full of inner corners. I don't know when it started, the network is full of every aspect of our lives, online novels flock, with a few clicks of the mouse, a few seconds, your favorite book will appear on the screen, but I still prefer to immerse in it The feeling of not releasing the hand brings me happiness, and the cool computer screen can make people realize the artistic conception of "window shadow on the window, the sound of wild spring is like in the pool". There is no such thing as "the book is more than a loved one, and the morning faints are happy." In addition, the fun of reading is not only the moment when you are immersed in the hand, but also immersed in the bookstore, arranging between the bookshelves, hand-picked new books Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, sniffing the ink, understanding the fun of looking for pleasure, and An instant surprise when I found a good book. I am glad that I was born in a family of love books, and my parents love to read books. The study, the bedroom, and even the restaurant are the world of books. On weekends, turn off the TV, computer and stereo. The family holds their favorite books, or sitting on the sofa, sitting at the desk, or leaning on the rocking chair, savoring the bits and pieces in the book. At this time Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S, the fun of reading is in the hearts of everyone, and the sound of reading is the most beautiful day at the moment Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. I remember the day before the Spring Festival, when I chose a book I loved in the bookstore, I was going to let my father pay the money. I had a price of just over 200 yuan. I had some drums in my heart. I wanted to put back a few books, but I picked them up and I couldn��t bear them. Between the two, Dad came over and saw my mind at a glance. I am embarrassed to say: "Children whisper to the cowardly language, Mo Dianchun clothing and buy books. Dad, this year's lucky money I don't want it!" Dad said humorously: "selling the house three acres of land Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, adding The next book in the window. Dad��s book will be bought next month!�� After that, Dad turned and put the selected book back on the bookshelf. On the way back, I was holding my favorite book, a little touched, a little guilty, a little excited, and I felt as if I understood somethingalth of the peasants is rich in grain, the wealth of the teacher is Tao Li Man Yuan Cartons Of Newport 100S, the wealth of the doctor is to save the wounded and the wounded, the wealth of the gardener is a hundred flowers, and my wealth is not this book?