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Freitag, 15. März 2019, 08:59

For the rural people who

For the rural people who are born and raised, the feelings for the land are like the left hand holding the right hand, and they are familiar and cherished. A land, a care, a hidden heart, no matter where you are, feels solid. The harvest ignited the four seasons of Mu Ge, a cluster of flowers and smiles, playing the sound of the land from the heart, the scent of a harvest of the language of the spring harvest, the spring of the spring, all the things on the right track, spring back to the earth Everything is revived, brewing a winter wheat seedling, loosening the bones and bones, a little bit of greening, the air is everywhere growing. Under the urging of spring, the long express, the temperature climbed all the way, around May, a large expanse of wheat fields, yellow and clear, flying and blowing wheat waves, a mature breath rushed to the surface, the joy of harvest, overflowing in everyone's face In the childhood memory, before the wheat is cooked, first press the wheat field, level the ground, sprinkle some water, evenly spread some wheat Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, and then use a stone roller to circle it. This roller is not a general weight, pressure After the wheat field came down, the shoulders were already full, and the red-printed wheat of the road was eighty-nine minutes ripe, and it was about to be harvested. The ripe wheat was dehydrated too much and did not increase production. It was first hand-harvested, and now with a combine harvester, it is fast and convenient, saving a lot of labor. In childhood, the granule wheat needs several people to work together, each has a division of labor, there is wheat; there is shovel wheat; there is a grain of wheat, my task is to smash the grain at the end of the exit. Hey. Busy and lively to finish the wheat field, piles of wheat grains, piled up like mountains, is also very gratifying. Sun-baked wheat, most afraid of thunderstorms, sudden, unpredictable, people are in a hurry, sometimes a false alarm, the rain and we had a joke, had to open a bag to see the wheat field again, is the child's most passionate thing, There is a shack to accompany, and when you are tired, you will drill inside for a while. In childhood, the wheat field at night, brightly lit, a group of children, through the lights of various households, facing the evening wind, open the moonlight box filled with games, playing in the wheat field Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, hide and seek, full of interest, All of them have lost some sleepiness. Every time, there are mothers who drink children, and the voice of going home to the land of Shandong, planting two seasons a year, wheat and corn. Near the wheat, the corn is planted in the wheat field, and the corn is planted in the wheat field. It is hard and hot. The wheat is more than one meter high. The wheat ears are very tied. Every time, they wear long-sleeved shirts, even on hot days. In childhood, I was responsible for the seeds. I placed two or three seeds in each pit, and then buried them with my feet. I was still very motivated at first, doing dry work, slowly dragging them behind, and my mother always turned back. Let me help me to go to the wheat stubble, loosen the soil, and the corn seedlings grow longer. The corn seedlings grow to about 20 cm, and they have to be screened once, and they are weak and strong, leaving them tall and strong. When it was about half a meter high, it was applied once again. In the 1980s and 1990s, most of the fertilizer was used. This fertilizer has a great taste and is very pungent. A front shovel, a rear-sliding fertilizer, a hot dry summer Cigarettes Online Store, a smell of sweat and fertilizer, but also to do, this is the laborer's life corn seedlings fertilizer, add a few summer rain irrigation, I feel that they are a day, the green leaves are facing the sky, and the length of the "��". About September, the corn will mature. Every time at this time, every household will come back and cook, sweet and soft corn, one or two stomachs, half full, that is, hungry and relieved, two birds in one fell swoop . It can also be eaten on the stove, which is a completely different flavor. In the past few years, I have come to the home to buy some, or go to the supermarket to buy a few, but I can��t eat the taste of the past. The development of science and technology is fast, and it can be said that the generation of agricultural tools has been constantly updated and the corn is harvested. Modernization, a few round-trips in the open, convenient to receive corn directly. In childhood, you have to drill in the cornfield, pick them up one by one, and then transport them home with a cart. In the evening, regardless of mosquito bites, tired and tired, but also licking the corn, and then compiling it, hanging on the wall Wholesale Cigarettes Online, waiting for the steps to complete, it is late at night. The harvest of the peasants is basically proportional to the hard work. I always remember that in the courtyard, the hills were filled with corn, the dim light, the family licking the corn, the mother often got a big, full of corn scorpions, the expression of gratification Newports 100S, has never forgotten now, cater to the market concept, replanting Some cash crops, such as ginger, garlic, and green onions, are gradually reduced in single cultivation, but those days and months, wheat and corn are the most important harvest land in the year, changing cultivation, inexhaustible harvest, and gifts. The new clothes have improved the life, the food and clothing, and the hard work, one by one. In this rich land, the diligent and diligent people, with a pair of wisdom and diligent hands, create a beautiful, and harvest season, deep and peaceful dialogue, chat, contentment, grateful!