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Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017, 00:21

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"The night clear" Fu Ziyu's color is quite earnestly, Who will be there to stop his anger?" "I know..." Lin Chen tone is still light "I hardly ever so angry... tears to cry a long time, " I am trembling, only the beginning, let it go! he just instinctively in Jane Yao to take cities and seize territory... First 47 original episode Chapter V Monday morning Fu in a cup of coffee sitting on the sunny office The first thing is to give Bo Jinyan a call "What is the result" He asked with a smile "you successful" Bo Jinyan side of the phone was standing in front of the mirror and tie a smile will like the cool breeze and bright moon like thin: "she to me very satisfied" Fu in laugh Although expected this result but said out of thin Jinyan mouth feeling how so fierce "Dinner in the evening to celebrate" Fu Ziyu said "OK" hung up the phone and Fu Ziyu called Jane: "congratulations to you" Yesterday night too drunk at the moment Jane Yao only found neck left behind by someone deeply shallow Hickey looked in the mirror Received a call smiled: "thank you are you encourage me we are together" Two people chatted a few Jane Yao thought to ask: "thin Jinyan how he suddenly say yesterday took a bath and fell asleep on the bed.