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Samstag, 8. Juli 2017, 11:29

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" Chang Mei Su glanced at the his one eye.
" "Chen also seconded" Hou cold words to interjects "long Princess publicly told said the past clear line of thought the facts are clear no fantastic place according to the situation according to management according to law the quasi the report filing a case for retrial Minister is not clear your majesty why hesitate" His words like a knife into the beam of the emperor's heart so that he was in a hurry to anger but could not say anything At this time has been on the sidelines silent the Dauphin finally in everybody's eyes stood up roll embroidered Dragon Robe wrapped the body slightly to the old emperor tilt show a dazzling more dignity and strength in the weak and old before "The son minister seconded" So the simple four words though with a bang and energy the sound has landed instantly crushed by the beam emperor last defense and adhere to The seventh volume friendship Chiaki 172 chapter review after the crown prince to take a clear stand on the rest of the some is still in wait-and-see courtiers instant also wind blown wheat like have to bow down rushes to shout a "seconded" 2 words Even the king of Henan Hehuai king in shrink after a moment also a small voice to say what stood in order under the voice queue Full house now has only one client beam also Keqing remain in place with a cold as snow eyes stared at all this Plug only ministers of the commotion beam emperor and a bit of confidence can live in their coercion but at the moment with Xiao Jingyan strong eyes He began some nervous disorder Because he knows the son feelings for Qi Wang and Lin had in absolute disadvantage situation he did will excluding gains and losses to vigorously argue now conclusive evidence has emerged Xiao Jingyan certainly don't willing to give up Don't hold this son do not live firmly the chaos of out of control of the situation Liang emperor ponders suddenly discovered that he is now in the hands have no what weight can govern live a performance the illustrious prison prince For nature cool thin the old emperor Xiao Jingyan beyond expected outside growth far more than to Yang long Princess just to disclose the truth will make him feel shock and it is difficult to accept so he gritted his teeth to amusement hall want to find some support strength looked to know, afraid to take less than half full," the child growl. used in military with than to draw a startling gesture -- her index finger than a number "1". so that the most accurate expression of his feelings for her. "Your phone. hurriedly jumped up. quietly Wei Zheng moved to come over. The 1989 New Year's Eve Xu Qifei in the hospital when he agreed I have dinner in the evening to celebrate the new year in January 1st The new year's Eve I followed the light sticks and Sun Weidong in Lan Kwai Fong a French restaurant for dinner Sun Weidong recently made a piece of his own very proud He saw often in his clinic panhandling near the old beggar mouthful bad teeth he asked him to the infirmary for he changed a new teeth "You don't have such a heart a lot of beggars actually very rich "We blame him light He didn't say anything "he was very grateful to me "Sun Weidong don't always understand if a woman like you even if you are a heinous villain she still likes you She does not love you plug you are philanthropists is meaningless Sun Weidong go to the toilet I with light Hui said: "you don't like him why to procrastination has a year more "Yes I get sick but dumped him like today this holiday who will accompany me "Is there really no other seeker "There is a male colleague who is pursuing me Others good very hard-working very motivated but also very careful "Why don't you think about it "He told family live in Tuen mun "What's wrong with that "That is his family is not good his income is lower than I "You said he was very motivated "I don't want to be a long-term investment I invested my youth in him he was successful maybe he will fall in love with another woman He failed I have nothing I don't want to talk to a man in the street to the bus I will not marry to Tuen mun "I suddenly miss Xu Qifei even if he's not a doctor I don't mind I don't light Hui and Sun Weidong this pair of complain companion at midnight before twelve rushed to the hospital Xu Qifei is on duty room Happy new year "I fell in his arms" Happy new year He said to me "I'm thinking of you "I'm thinking of you I said softly to him "Aren't you with light irises and Sun Weidong together "I want you to be the first person I saw in 90s "Yes" 1990 "He kissed me His pager rang "The nurse paged me I'll take a look "I stay alone in his doctor duty room there is a radio 88 New Year's Eve Lin Fang Song to send radio eight or nine new year's Eve will not do that I turn on the radio tracking the station and find the same as last year and a program hosting the show is still last year the woman disc jockey broadcast is a song not "tomorrow" there is no new songs I am very disappointed Xu Qifei suddenly came in "Do you want to listen to the radio He asked me His eyes told me that he saw me through "Don't listen to it I say "I have a present for you He took a small red velvet box out of his pocket and gave it to me The box contained a cashmere a platinum diamond ring "This is a new year gift not for the proposal I'll set it up for you " why not play a demonstration of how the? only against.
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