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Samstag, 8. Juli 2017, 22:13

jeremi scott 11

he looks back at me to say: "pick a female, One or two silver" He seems to be very surprised and pity me: "one or two What do you want one or two silver to do" The forty-fifth chapter "energy-saving" (11) "of course is to buy the food for my dad" I answered confidently He's going to follow me I took him to a small town house soil My father was dead I know but I don't want to bury him Every day I pick up the best food to give him the house is full of food When it is winter I have moved to a piece of frozen father An Qing Wang followed me into the house for a long time a hug me My body is so dirty that he didn't mind gently said to me: "in the future you can also do my son" Me My tears finally came out He helped me to bury his father but also personally to do with me to his father's grave I don't have to be his son Although he personally gave me a bath at night to my storytelling teach me reading copybooks sometimes childlike innocence the accompanied me to play the game really like father stay me I slowly know his identity and that he alone one person in the town he is far away in the Windy City Palace and a and I like older son He often talked with me about him and he loved his son but he wanted to hold the land for his weak brother Wang For his brother Wang's son to save the country he can only put his son in the palace He said: "only in this way the son of the son after the ability to keep their own life" I wondered: "why Wangyeh on syuer so spoiled" He smiled and touched my head and said: "because syuer is a good filial child" I am small do not understand but he gave me the warmth I never forget Maybe I had him for his father his son as a brother but I did not call him a father I said to him I want to become the Wu Yi ride they stood up for life He didn't agree He sent me to study I read the book very well he chuckled and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory "Si Yue will exam" Then I would like to test it but I still want to be a Ukrainian clothing He thought for a long time finally sent me to learn martial arts when I was ten years old it should be said that missed the best age to dtudy He said "if you can't be the best in the black clothes do your best" I suffered bitter mastered a skill like the best three dodge hidden weapon organs When he was riding a black suit he said: "think Yue you want to be good a ride I can not when you are my son your life is not your Similar sound also useful fingernails on a blackboard voice, At this time. put my hand on the signature pen,steampod babyliss, there is a temptation to have stepped in with.
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